Ranma and shampoo lemon

Shampoo is trapped under a curse by Maomolin and it's up to Ranma to save her. Believing the cat to be Shampoo, Mousse begins commenting how hard and cold her skin feels until the real Shampoo appears and hits Mousse over the head whilst asking him why he's talking to himself. Having finally found her Mousse instructs Shampoo to go on a delivery, although Shampoo refuses as she'd rather read her book and tells Mousse to deliver it himself.

Mousse, however, informs Shampoo that the customer requested her specifically which prompts her to agree to doing the delivery. Following the address for the delivery, Shampoo finds herself at a temple with a large number of cats nearby.

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But as Shampoo wanders through the temple she finds it strangely empty, nevertheless she continues looking for the person who made the order. As Shampoo enters the temple itself she hears the doors close behind her, but is unable to escape before the shut completely.

At that moment she senses something in the room, as a large creature comments that he's been waiting for her Later on, as Ranma and Akane walk home they encounter Mousse who mistakes Akane for the missing Shampoo. Overjoyed, Mousse grabs Akane, but is quickly kicked by both Ranma and Akane. After putting his glasses back on, Mousse explains about Shampoo's disappearance since her morning delivery.

Whilst Mousse wallows in despair, Ranma asks if they tried going to the customer who called for the delivery, which Mousse admits is something he forgot to do. Ranma then offers to go with Mousse. This offer delights Mousse who goes to hug Ranma but thanks to him not wearing his glasses again instead grabs Akane again, leading Akane to stoutly knee Mousse in the chin before Ranma hits him with his elbow.

The trio soon reach the temple where Shampoo's delivery was. As Akane comments how long the temple's been vacant, Ranma heads under the Shimenawa at the temple entrance. When he does, Shampoo immediately appears and begins running towards him. Mousse swiftly goes to intercept Shampoo, but is soon dispatched by Shampoo kicking him in the face. Whilst Shampoo snuggles up to Ranma, Akane, having seen enough, tells Ranma that they should head home.

Ranma, however, suddenly finds himself unable to leave the temple's walls. Shampoo then reveals that as long as she sticks to Ranma he can't get out. Unconvinced of this statement, Akane attempts to pull Ranma out by force, but just succeeds in nearly choking him as Shampoo continues to cling onto him.

Irritated, Akane heads under the Shimenawa herself when suddenly Maomolin emerges to exclaim that he placed a hex on Shampoo along with a magic barrier around the temple, meaning that she can never leave! Hearing this, Mousse turns to Shampoo and asks if this is true, to which Shampoo melodramatically responds that it is and adds that she must now be forever a captive of Maomolin.

As Maomolin laughs with glee at his plan having worked, Akane asks Shampoo if there's anyway to break the hex.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ranma and Shampoo Fanfiction. Founder: PerfectDreamer - Stories: 28 - Followers: 3 - id: Here I put all the fanfics that have Ranma pairing up with Shampoo. Not yuri. If you know of any other story for this pairing feel free to let me know.

This Paradise by PerfectDreamer reviews Akane and Shampoo argue again, it seems it may lead to another fight.

Shampoo takes Ranma away from her, but they don t know where they end up being. Ranma realizes things he had never noticed. Untitled, for now by Koneko Shampoo reviews There are three things in life that are certain: Death, taxes, and Shampoo glomping Ranma. When Akane goes on a date with Ryouga, a jealous Ranma retaliates by dating Shampoo.

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Little does he know, he'll get more than he bargains for An old enemy of hers curses Shampoo to have her soul slowly eaten by a demon. What will Ranma do now that she has less then 3 years to live? She comes back a year later rich, famous, and with a cure for the curse of transformation.

But there is a side effect to it What if Ranma gave in? But hey, at least it's finished, right? The Way Things Are! Ukyo gets a surprise on their date. Rebellious by SoulCry reviews Shampoo realizes her mistakes with Ranma and wants to start fixing them. Will she really fix them and gain the pigtailedboy s heart?

Ranma and the Xian Falcon Pu by Seguh reviews After Shampoo was beaten by a male in a tournament, she decides to go to jusenkyo to train. At the same time Ranma and his father find them selfs in jusenkyo.

The Truth Shall Set You Free by Daft Strangus reviews The truth hindered him, it hide from him, it taunted him, now as the truth is revealed to him, it shall set him free.

ranma and shampoo lemon

Suddenly, things get out of control around the pigtailed martial artist. Looks like Ranma will have to deal with even more headaches before he can finally start living in peace. But of a wolf. What if Shampoo was there with him? The wolf feels the duty to guard the white catshampoo, Ranma's Nekoken doesn't like having the wolf around.

And vice versa.By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Young martial artist Ranma Saotome along with his father Genma Saotome go on a training expedition to China to its cursed training grounds Jusenkyo where they both end up falling into the cursed springs where both Ranma is cursed with turning into a girl and Genma is cursed to becoming a Panda.

Only touching hot water is the only way for them to turn back to their original forms but will return to their cursed forms once again when splashed with cold water. Things are only complicated further when Ranma discovers that his father has arranged for him to marry one of Soun Tendo 's three daughters in order to secure the future of the Tendo dojo.

Though Soun learns of Ranma's predicament, he is still determined to go ahead with the engagement, and chooses his youngest daughter Akane Tendowho happens to be a skilled martial artist herself and is notorious for hating men. The series follows the hilarious adventures of Ranma and Akane as they encounter various opponents, meet new love interests, and find different ways to make each other angry, all while their engagement hangs over their head. Cologne is the old woman. Chapter titled "Hot Bath!

Sometime after first arriving at the Tendo Dojo, Genma Saotome who is in his panda form goes to take a Bath in the Dojo's Undermount Bathtub and wears a Wash Cloth on his head so he can return to his human friend so he can formally talk with his long time friend Soun Tendo.

Later on, Ranma Saotome has a Furo session in his female form after Kasumi Tendo told her to bathe from being sweaty from sparring with Akane Tendo. She sits on a Bath Stool and pours cold water over her with a Bath Bucket and then soaks into the hot water in the undermount bathtub. Akane Tendo comes into the Ofuro 's Changing Room and starts Stripping and thinks nothing over the fact that Ranma is in there thinking she is a girl.

As Ranma is Getting Out of the tub now in his male form, Akane walks in naked holding a pink towel and both of them meet eyes seeing each other fully nude. Akane quietly puts on the top of her karate gi and leaves the bathroom and then lets out of huge scream making a scene among the household revealing Ranma's secret to everyone there. At the end of the episodeAkane has a furo session after being mad at Ranma and is sitting on a bath stool washing her arms and leg with a Soapy Sponge.

Ranma who is in female form decides to go bathe for the night to return to normal and after completely stripping and going to the Ofuro's door, Akane opens the door to leave the bath where they both have another fully nude encounter which Akane gives Ranma a big slap in the face thinking that he is Peeping.

After fighting each other and both falling into the house's pond, Ranma Saotome and Genma Saotome take a Bath together in the morning while they are both in their cursed forms to warm up just before Ranma starts his first day of school. Genma Saotome attempts to take a Bath to return to his normal form but finds that the Ofuro in the Tendo residence is broken at the moment with the Undermount Bathtub empty and all the faucets having signs over them saying not to use.

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Ranma Saotome has a Nightmare where he falls into the Tendo Dojo's Undermount Bathtub clothed and then appears naked where Tatewaki Kuno is in the tub with him and trying to romance him. Ranma submerges himself and kicks Kuno but then re emerges from the water in his female form Skinny Dipping in the school Swimming Pool. She sinks back under and sits on a rock at the bottom where several naked Kuno's join hands and circle Ranma asking her to date him.

After waking him from the nightmare, Ranma goes to bathe that morning but then finds that Genma is occupying the Ofuro and Shampooing his bald head.

ranma and shampoo lemon

Ranma splashes a bucket of cold water on his turning him into a Panda and gets annoyed and decides to just climb over him and grab the Shower Head and gets hit by Genma and splashed with cold water turning into a girl and they both end up fighting each other. After being told that she's cute when she smiles, Akane Tendo takes a Bath in the Undermount Bathtub at her house while having her hair tied and leans over the edge of the tub happy about the compliment.

Nabiki Tendo tells Ranma that the water usage has been a lot higher lately because of the hot baths he's been taking which Nabiki uses that fact to make him obey her and let her dress up Ranma's female form in Akane's older clothes for fun. Ranma Saotome while she is topless gets a kettle of hot water poured on her by Kasumi Tendo to return him to his normal form. Soun Tendo takes a Bath and is joined by Ryouga Hibiki. Later on Akane Tendo takes a bath. Unnamed male who visits a Public Bath Off Screen.

Later on, Akane Tendo is seen taking a bath in the tub, leaning out the window and Singing. Ryouga Hibiki is Showered with hot water from a tea kettle to transform naked back into his human form.

He isn't seen touching water in human form so it counts as Off Screen Bathing. No bathing occurs but the wall in the Tendo's Ofuro is seen getting smashed by Shampoo passing through. Getting into the tub with her older sister Nabiki Tendo.

Nabiki Tendo strips and then takes a Bath in her houses Undermount Bathtub. She leans on the edge and then opens the window.No one wants to go around with an oily mop, but some of the products designed to clean said mop can take a toll on your scalp, or cost a premium at the drugstore.

The solution? Homemade shampoos made with natural ingredients you already have in your house. Before you write off the idea of homemade shampoo as the domain of hippies, rest assured that these DIY recipes really do get your hair clean and shiny, whether your hair is oily, dry, or somewhere in between.

See below for our easy, homemade shampoo recipes. Combine ingredients, mix well, and put in a recycled shampoo bottle. Use a palm-full of the shampoo or less to lather once, and then rinse with warm water. If you want to know the real secret to truly healthy hair, grab a box of baking soda and some apple cider vinegar. Note that the mixture works well, but it can take a while for your hair to adjust i.

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Put a few tablespoons of baking soda in the bottom of a repurposed squeeze bottle, top it off with hot water, and shake it well. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, too, for scent. There are no suds, but this homemade mixture leaves hair clean and shiny. Pour it through your wet hair and rinse with cool water. Pour the mix through wet hair, working it in with your fingers.

Allow it to set for a few minutes then rinse it out with warm water. For dry or damaged hair, using a deep conditioner once a week can make a huge difference. You can use any of the following in combination or alone: olive oil, coconut oil, beaten egg, yogurt, mayonnaise, mashed banana, or mashed avocado. Massage any of these into wet hair, wrap it all up turban-style in an old towel for 20 minutes, and rinse well.

While none of these will turn blond hair black or black hair strawberry blonde, using them on a regular basis can add highlights and even tone down some graying strands.

To lighten hair: Soak in strong chamomile tea, diluted lemon juice, or tea made with fresh rhubarb. For more pronounced results, allow rinse to dry in hair — outside in the sunshine if possible.

To darken hair and mellow out graying strands: Strong sage, lavender, or cinnamon tea. Chop fruit finely, simmer the pieces in water until they are soft and the liquid is half gone. Strain liquid into a small spray bottle and store in refrigerator between uses. Spray finished hair lightly; dilute with water if sprayed hair is stiffer than you desire. Put a small dab of natural hand lotion in one palm, rub hands together to coat both evenly, and run your fingers through your hair. Product Reviews.

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Ranma Fanfiction: Akane's bad day lemon version

Your Preferences. Old password. New password. Confirm password. Something went wrong. Please try again later.The youngest Tendo daughter glanced at Yuka as they got dressed after Phys ed. Nabiki shortened it a month ago, gradually trying to take the seam up till Ranma caught her at it.

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He got all jealous of Ryoga-kun looking at my legs, it was cute. Akane gave her friend a dark little grin as she skimmed out of her bloomers from under the skirt. Pinking at the cheeks, Akane shrugged. Now he gets to see what he missed out on till he comes to me on his knees.

ranma and shampoo lemon

Her eyes looked at the wannabe samurai running towards her with his arms outstretched, showing no sign of being in a fight. Setting her leg, she kicked up at the appropriate time, foot slamming into his face, halting his run and keeping his arms from reaching her. As always his beloved was straight to the point. It was about then Akane gave up caring what the idiot had to say, rushing forward to punt him in the stomach, flinging his body into the sky. Seeing Ranma glance red faced at her skirt made Akane squirm, her heartbeat suddenly obvious in her ears, eyes too aware of the muscles of the young man in the tight sports t-shirt before her.

Shaking her head, she refocused on the situation. Hopefully this was just something by Nabiki for a laugh, but what if some pervert is out to get me! Taking the white cloth from her hand, Ranma shook his head. Twisting up, Ranma lashed the rake through the ribbon from Kodachi, defending Akane but leaving him open as a bouquet of flowers impacted near his head. Purple smoke billowed out as he pulled his head back, as darkness closed in on his vision, feeling so very tired.

Discarding the wand of her gymnastics ribbon as she took a ready stance, the daughter of the Kuno family drawing a pair of Gymnastics clubs.

I am the one who will liberate my darling Ranma and take him away from your hideous visage. Thrown up and over with stars in her eyes, Kodachi hit the ground hard, dazed but not out. Purposefully rolling back, Akane lifted Kodachi up, stretching her back up and neck down, locking the taller girl into improvised choke hold.

Gasping for breath, Kodachi began to struggle but unaware of the danger till her neck was under considerable strain she could do too little to break out. Seeing Ranma staring made Akane frown till she realized what he must be seeing, locking her up red faced. Worse was when they had reached the ally they now hid in, she had looked down then and gotten the shock of the bulge in his sports shorts. At least the pervert had been embarrassed enough to turn from her too then.

If ya had been wearing underwear that was a great move. Blocking two fast punches from Akane, Ukyo lashed out again with her weapon. Dodging back from the metal blade, Akane just managed to get her hands down to keep her dress from blowing up in public at the wind of the missed attack. The feminine ninja spared him but a glance as he lunched a series of dart like shuriken, Akane giving a shriek as the precise attacks pinned her to the gate she was trying to escape through. With a lurch she tried to pull free again only to suddenly find herself released, stumbling back into Konatsu.

Akane struggled against being bound again, this time her school blouse pinning her to the wooden gate, but as she saw Ukyo stumble into Konatsu, the pair falling in a heap, she hoped Ranma would help her. The moment Ranma sighed and relaxed Akane gulped for breath, holding the remnants of her blouse to her chest. In ducking under a rack of rakes, cutters, and a hedge trimmer, Ranma had taken a knee, and Akane was all too aware of the heat of his face oh so near to the now bare skin of her stomach, far too close to her skirt.

Finally controlling her breathing, she pulled back the tiny bit the packed shed allowed her to, focusing on her anger. Did you even think about what that was going to do to my shirt? What if it had been my skirt? Something has those idiots all riled up. Do you want my shirt?

Her eyes drifted down passed his black hair to the tight shirt he wore, the tight muscles contained within, holding the casual strength she knew of him too well.

Imagining a disappointed look on his face she pushed him out ahead of her, dropping the last scraps of her blouse, obviously irreparable in the light, and gave a sigh.That's kinda the point of a disclaimer. Now that I've bothered you enough Zen overlooked the water as in traveled down the stream.

His father had told him that they were having company tonight. Zen couldn't shake the feeling that is father was hiding something from him.

Zen looked into his reflection in the water and smiled as he saw is purple headed face smile back. Mom had gotten very frustrated during his training today and had to call it off early. She had been doing that a lot lately since Zen's skills were growing rapidly. Zen knew that his mother would soon be trying to arrange a marriage for him. She was starting to get that "I want grand babies" look. Zen turned and looked at the stranger and then over the stranger's shoulders to where the first houses of the village were easily visible.

Zen returned to looking into the young man's eyes and saw the honest questioning there. He could only point and watch as the guy thanked him and walked off. It wasn't until after the young man was gone that Zen realized that the guy's face was the same as the one Zen had just seen in the stream. Ryoma was lost, again. He knew that his pop's would be mad, and Ryoma cringed at the thought of his Father's anger as well. Ryoma's life was strange.

Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction

It always had been. It had also always been tough. He family's dark past and secrets would soon come to light and he would soon meet potential allies and rivals the like of which were straight out of both his fathers' stories. If only he could find this Shampoo or her family. He had yet to see a woman with purple hair, only that guy that looked about his age.

Ryoma stopped in his tracks, cursed himself an idiot and turned around Zen fell to the ground and was about to apologize when he noticed that he had found the guy that looked so similar to him.

Zen decided to ask questions first. Zen narrowed his eyes before he responded, all the while standing and getting into a fighting stance. Two, the only way that could be true would mean I'd have to kill you. You're Ranma Saotome's son are you? Ryoma looked at the battle stance and was confused.

ranma and shampoo lemon

Why did this guy want to fight? Ryoma was currently overjoyed at finally meeting one of his siblings. Ryoma attempted to calm Zen down and some how performed the Saotome Foot in Mouth Technique, patent pending of course. Ryoma barely saw Zen move to strike before the men were both fighting for their lives. Ryoma could feel the rage pouring from the other young man and was afraid that this guy might actually kill him, or worse Ryoma might hurt him.


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